Group Fitness


Fitness Director


There are many reasons why Group Fitness is a great choice for staying active! The energy of exercising in a group with music is a great motivation! Everyone is supportive and non-judgmental of each other. If you can’t seem to get motivated to exercise alone, come join the group! Group Fitness is for MALES and females.

Within Group Fitness, all 5 components of fitness are included (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition). There are cardio classes, muscular strength/endurance classes, flexibility classes and mind-body classes.

There are 3 different Group Fitness studios and there are classes in the pool. All classes are from 55-60 minutes in length. All classes are free to Y members. If not a member of the Y, you can purchase 8 classes for $34 or 12 classes for $45. Purchased classes must be taken within 1 year of purchase date.




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