YMCA Closed for Next Two Weeks

After multiple conversations with local public health officials, the Staunton-Augusta Family YMCA has made the difficult decision to close for the next two weeks through March 29th.

We know we are doing the right thing in terms of a COVID-19 response, but we don’t underestimate how this decision will impact our community from members to our YMCA staff.

In light of this news, we wanted to address a few topics:

March Payments: March payments have already been taken for the Staunton-Augusta Family YMCA. We realize this means you’ve made a payment for a service you cannot access, and we are looking for the fairest and most just way to rectify this situation. Our staff is discussing how to move forward.

April and Beyond: These are unprecedented times. We are proactively working toward solutions for this two-week period with our eye on April and beyond. Our leadership and our board of directors will continue to discuss what’s best for the community over this time, and we promise to clearly communicate our decisions to you in a timely manner.

Social Responsibility: Social responsibility is part of our threefold mission statement at the Staunton-Augusta Family YMCA, and we take the responsibility of serving this community seriously.

This will look differently during our coronavirus prevention response, but we still plan on being who our community needs us to be during this time. If you have ideas of how we can be part of the solution in our community, we’d love to hear them, and we have some ideas we’ll be rolling out soon as well.

Loyalty: Finally, we just wanted to say thank you for sticking with us and trusting our leadership to make tough decisions in the midst of difficult situations. We work hard every day in order to earn your trust, and we hope our community and wonderful YMCA members will stick with us as we navigate uncharted waters.

For more information or to voice questions or concerns, please email


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