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Cycling Studio Classes

Currently all cycling classes are instructor choice rides


This class is held in the Cycling Studio upstairs, you ride a specially designed stationary bike as the instructor leads you through one of the 5 rides below. The cycling class is appropriate for all fitness levels, since it is easy to ride at your own pace, selecting the amount of resistance that is appropriate for you.

spinning cycling class

Endurance Ride

“This ride builds stamina by maintaining a steady heart rate and comfortable pace over an extended amount of time.”

Strength Ride

“This ride improves cardiovascular fitness and builds strength by blending increased resistance with longer distances”.

Interval Ride

“Interval training teaches your body to recover quickly after performing at peak levels by incorporating bursts of speed and power with periods of recovery.”

Choice Ridge

The instructor chooses the type of ride.

Virtual Ride

This ride utilizes cycling videos to lead and motivate you through your workout.  You can use the Y’s stationary bikes or bring your own bike and trainer.  Class will be approximately 60 minutes.  This virtual ride will be occurring over the winter months only, so take it while it is available!!


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